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We here at Julie’s Tax Services are hoping that you are all well and have remained healthy during these challenging times!
The 2019 and 2020 Tax Seasons were inundated with many diverse issues including changes in tax laws and procedures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A few issues we’ve seen affecting clients include:

• Delayed Tax Refunds.
• Miscalculations in reporting Stimulus Payments received by households—for each and every individual reported on the tax return.
• Confusion of stimulus monies disbursed by the IRS.
• Letters being issued by the IRS for changes made to intended refunds which then caused recalculation of tax return refunds. These factors are due to the Stimulus payments already received by taxpayers.
• Unemployment being taxable or not taxable.

These are just a few of the issues we’ve seen so far. We now anticipate there will also be more confusion as Advanced Child Tax Credits have been issued throughout the year as well as the Unemployment Tax Credit and an additional stimulus payment. These items will be reconciled on the 2021 tax returns.

JTS of West Salem will be implementing changes to help us alleviate as many possible issues as we can for 2021. It is our desire to provide you with the best service we can.



a. Driver’s License or State ID
b. Social Security Cards from ALL INDIVIDUALS LISTED on the tax return.

2. Completed New Client Information and Drop Off Information Forms at the start of Service

a. Forms will be required for ALL CLIENTS even if information has not changed.
b. Forms may be obtained in our office, sent to you via email, set-up and sent via our secure portal, or they can be sent to you through USPS mail.
c. Anyone over the age of 18 years old is considered an adult and must provide their own signatures unless a Third Party Signature and Release of Information form is completed by the tax client.

3. Appointments

a. Due to the continued changes in the Covid-19 virus, we are limiting the number of appointments and times available for Face-To Face sit-in appointments. Face-to Face appointments will be accepted if you feel you absolutely must see a preparer. Clients need to be sure to call as early as possible to be put on the schedule. If you are in any way feeling ill, please call to reschedule or Drop Off.
b. Cell phones are no longer permitted in the office during any sit in appointments.
c. Email or call the office to set an appointment.
d. Drop Off or Use of Secure Portal is preferred.
e. Email invitations will be sent to setup your secure portal (Intuit Link) if you should decide that you would like to use the internet for your tax preparation. Regular email is not secure and should not be used.

Regarding Appointments COVID-19 Office Protocol

f. Masks are optional.
g. Staff will accommodate client requests to wear masks. Be sure to state your wishes while setting your appointment or as you enter the building.
h. Clients and staff are not required to provide proof of vaccination due to privacy laws or authorized to require clients to provide proof of vaccination.
i. Once again, if you are feeling ill please do not come in!

4. Consultations and Fee Quotes

a. Fee Quotes on Tax Preparation, bookkeeping or other tax related issues are not provided over the phone or via email. Please drop off your information and we will provide an estimate to you as soon as we are able.
b. Your first consultation for questions will be free. Any questions or correspondence there after shall be considered billable hours.
c. Appointments for the free consultations are NOT AVAILABLE during the active tax season: January 15 – April 15
d. All additional forms related to other financial issues outside of the normal tax return completion which are completed for clients are an additional fee.

5. Tax Documents

a. Refer to the check list provided as part of the TAX PLANNER you receive.
b. Email invitations will be sent to setup your secure portal (Intuit Link) if you should choose to use the secure portal option.
c. Any documents you are unsure of, bring them in. If you question a document, do not call, just add it to your tax documents and the preparer can decide if it can be used.
d. Missing documents at the time of drop off or at appointment time will cause delay in processing your tax return.

6. Drop Off Process

a. Completion of returns are done in the date order they are received.
b. Missing information will alter the rotation of your return processing timeline.

7. Processing Completion Timeline

a. Guarantees for time of completion of your tax returns will not be provided.
b. Due to the unforeseen changes that do occur during the tax preparation process, we are unable to promise a completion date.
c. Even “Simple” returns take time to complete. All tax returns require that the tax preparer practice the required due diligence procedures to complete an accurate return.
d. If an Amendment of any tax year is needed or requested, those Amended returns will not be completed until the ongoing tax season has ended.

8. Due Dates

a. To meet State and Federal timelines of processing a specific tax or accounting service, your required documents must be in our office at least 1-month prior to the required deadline for all Businesses, Farms, 1099s, W2s, and W4s.
b. Documents received beyond the 1-month prior deadline, will automatically be placed on extension.
Extensions prepared and sent will be an additional cost to the client. All other extensions must be requested prior to Tax Day in person and fees must be paid prior to any extension filed.

We appreciate your business and compliance with these new procedures. It is our goal to provide each and every one of you with a positive and satisfactory tax experience!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
Julie’s Tax Services

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